The tourist routes  
This unique route will carry you backwards to the moment of 3000 years B.C., there, where the mountain sanctuary with a thousand rock paintings appeared. They decorated the pagan temple of the Sun on their creators’ idea.
Charyn canyon
On the banks of the deep river Charyn there is a natural miracle – Charyn canyon is located. The picturesque canyon with its fantastic and quaint forms is a popular place of tourist interest situated in foothills of Zaili Ala Tau.
Lake Alakol
The salty drainless Alakol is located on the border of Almaty and East Kazakhstan areas and is rightfully considered to be a pearl of Kazakhstan. It is known, that it is a lot of years back the Great Silk Way passed by the water "bowl" named Alakol.
Charyn canyon – peak of Khan Tengri
It is an unforgettable flight which you can present yourselves and your relatives. Those who happen to be in Charyn canyon, could admire its beauty only being in the bottom of it. And you are given the unique opportunity to see the temple of the Nature in its magnificence.
Lake Kolsai
The pearls of the Northern Tien Shan are Kolsai lakes. These places are good for the pedestrian tourism. With the help of our pilots the flight to Kolsai becomes an excellent pastime in a weekend.
Lake Balkhash
According to the ancient Kazakh legend, one powerful rich man (Bie) Balkash had a beautiful daughter Ili. Bie declared a competition – a «toy», and he promised his daughter as wife to the winner. But the beauty Ili loved poor shepherd Karatal. Ili helped Karatal to win the competition of grooms. Bie Balkash did not want to give the daughter to the poor man.
Glacier Tujuk-Su -Big Almaty Lake – Cosmostation
One of the most popular vacation places of the townsfolk in the days off is Big Almaty Lake. The beautiful nature attracts people here by mountain pure air, a wood and the lake. With our help you will not have to go by car on roads in bad condition any more.
Big Almaty - Cosmostation - peak «CDKA» - the mountain range Kungey-Alatau: peak Bogatyr/peak Talgar
The route by the helicopter remains in your memory for long years. The beauty of Big Almaty Lake, green slopes of gorge, and in some minutes – the snow pass Zhasylkezen in which the Cosmostation is settled down. You will see the upper reaches of the gorge with tops of Soviet, Lake, Choybolsan, Legostayev peaks.
Turgen waterfalls - Lake Kolsai - Charyn canyon - singing sand dunes
Natural boundary Turgen in the vicinities of Almaty is the most beautiful place of the protogenic nature at the bottom of the ridges Zaili Ala Tau. It is well-known by the picturesque falls, crystal water of the mountain rivers and small lakes. The second item of this route become Kolsai Lakes...
Peak Talgar – glacier Bogatyr – Kolsai - Charyn canyon - Issyk - Big Almaty Lake
The offered route can be confidently named a small travel. During three hour flight you can enjoy unique landscapes of Zaili Ala Tau, admire its highest top – peak Talgar.
Ranch "Stetson", an ostrich / trout farm (with landing) - Shymbulak (without landing) - the Big Almaty lake (with landing)
You do not know where to go with your family and friends for the weekend, do you? Take the advantage of the offered route, and you will not regret! Landing in ostrich / trout farm "Ranch Stetson" will give pleasure both adults and children.
Castle "Nomads"
Now to travel to a filmdom is as easy as shelling pears. We’ll help you to make a surprising flight on the left bank of the river Ili, to the place of shootings of the film "Nomads".
Big Almaty Lake – Shymbulak – Tabagan – Almatau, Soldier's gorge – Ranch
The offered route is ideal both for family rest, and for excursion with business partners. You are offered the helicopter walk with landing on marvellous high-mountainous lake – Big Almaty Lake which is a pearl of Zaili Ala Tau. A flight over a high-mountainous ski resort of Shymbulak will allow you to take pleasure in beauty of the local landscape and without hurrying up to discuss important problems...
Tamgaly Tas
If you are interested in secrets of the past it is necessary for you to visit Tamgaly Tas. There and only there you can see rock paintings on Buddhism subjects; it is so unusual for our region.
Time for rest - exactly two days and to lose precious minutes on the way - blasphemy. It is exist way out for this case - the Sky Service, JSC gives possibility of flight from Almaty city to the coast of Issyk-Kul Lake for one hour!