The wedding routes  
Medeo – Shymbulak – Big Almaty Lake
The 30-minute route begins with the review of surprisingly beautiful mountain Kumbel of Zaili Ala Tau. Reserved places, untouched sparkling under the sun snow … it is impossible not to fall in love with these places. You will fly around the well-known Kok-Tubeh, being there you will admire the sights of Almaty, then make a circle over Shymbulak, and then you already fly up to the Big Almaty Lake where you can take pleasure in a beautiful sights, pure air and, certainly, will make pictures for memory.
Talgar Peak – Turgen – an observatory of Assy plateau
You have some hours before your wedding ceremony and it would be so desirable to present them only to your fianc?! The beauty of Talgar will help you to find the gentlest words for your sweetheart, and the flight over Turgen will remain in your memory for a long time. And, certainly, you will have a photo session on the Assy plateau where it is possible to play snowballs even in the summer, to cool champagne in natural ice and to say about your love again.
Kumbel – Kok-Tubeh – Medeo – Shymbulak – Big Almaty Lake – Cosmostation - Almaarasan gorge
This flight is everything that is necessary to be happy, observing, as the top of Kumbel rests against the sky, and to build routes of your future travel with your sweetheart admiring Kok-Tubeh and Shymbulak from bird's eyes view. And who else, except your fianc?, is able to tell about beauty of your eyes, comparing them to depths of the Big Almaty Lake?! And for a long time visions about pacifying snow tops framing the Almaarasan gorge will come to you in your dreams …