Askar Zairovich Dzhanzharkenov

President of JSC Airlines "Euro-Asia Air"

"Our company has worked for years with the airline « Sky Service », which , as a subcontractor , provides services for the overflight of the pipeline in the southern region . As a partner , I can say - «Sky Service» differs professionalism, high level of performance and reliability. During our cooperation to their work have been no comments. In addition it should be noted that the «Sky Service» is one of the leading companies among private helicopter flights in the market of Kazakhstan. Dynamics of development says that the company is moving in the right direction". 


Toleugazy Toleubekovich Seksenbaev

General Director of State Enterprise "Kazakh base of aviation protection of forests and forestry services".

"The main activity of our company is to protect forests from fires , protection from pests and diseases. Every year, we announce a tender for companies with a fleet of aircraft for aerial surveillance of forest protection . Company «Sky Service» is our subcontractor. It should be noted that the fleet , which has «Sky Service» meets all our requirements. Their helicopters are economical and beneficial to our success . The main advantage of helicopters - their capacity . Very important that aerial surveillance of forests on the helicopter pilot was not only an observer , but also fire landing, which , if necessary, be able to urgently drop on the fire place . For us, as a state enterprise use helicopters «Sky Service» economical. And we are glad to cooperate with such a partner to continue". 

Aibol Anuarovich Bekmukhambetov

President of JSC "Almaty International Airport".

" I had a chance to use the services of the company « Sky Service ». I can say that the level of service , technical equipment of helicopters, the services offered are at a very high level. I know firsthand about what there are situations in the sky , so pilots praised the work of their ability to cope with the most difficult flights. In the services offered by the company «Sky Service» there and suggestions on the tourist routes . And what could be better on a different flight helicopter to Khan Tengri , or circled Trans-Ili Alatau foothills".