Airline «SKY SERVICE»  

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
We are glad to welcome you on the airline Web-site «SKY SERVICE».
Today the company fleet is presented by the modern serial helicopters Eurocopter and Bell Helicopter TEXTRON and also by air of Cessna : the easy and maneuverable aircrafts equipped with the advanced aviation-navigating complex. A wide spectrum of given services and communication allows us to guarantee the solution of high complexity tasks in the shortest possible time.   

Our experts will consider individual wishes of the client, will help to make out your choice in a large quantity of offered services and to choose a suitable route. It is possible because we have developed and mastered the most popular routes of Almaty and Almaty oblast. Mountain peaks and wide steppes, lakes and waterfalls, barkhans and rock paintings – everything can be seen without making special efforts and consequently it is available to everyone.

If you are the owner of an aircraft or are going to become we shall help you both with a choice and acquisition of an aircraft and with its further maintenance service.