Hunting & Fishing  

• Passenger transportation to the hunting forests and fishing-grounds. 

You and your friends know a treasured place where the big fish is being caught, or for a long time you have been dreaming to get out to the remote places where it is possible to wander with a gun, to sit at the fire and to forget, at last, about all problems? But the roads have been washed away, you are short of time, and it would be so desirable to reunion with the nature … In this case it is necessary for you to address to us. For hunting and fishing fans the helicopter is a real find. Due to its maneuverability and the small landing area you can appear in the most reserved and hard-to-reach spots. We deliver you there where there is no footprints of a human being, in the places rich with wildfowl and rare fish. Now your friends will envy the obtained trophy.