The company has been in the market of Republic Kazakhstan since 2004 and for today maintains the home base of 13 helicopters and 2 airplane. The company is the largest one in RК in the field of small aviation on operation of the AV produced by the western manufacture.The contract on operation of the air vehicle (further AV) is concluded with the joint-stock company «Airline «Sky Service». 

Services on operation include:

  1. Services in the organization of the AV flights in the demand of the Holder in territory РК and in the Kirghiz Republic.
  2. Services in maintenance of the AV flight validity and registration of all legal documents in the CCA of the RK, and other bodies supervising activity of small aircraft in the RK.
  3. Services in safety control of flights and air safety of the AV.
  4. Services in the AV refueling in any point of its finding in territory of the RK.
  5. Services in maintenance of the flight validity of your pilot with corresponding management of the flight personnel documentation on it, carrying out with it of all necessary employment and switching regulated by the CCA of the RK and by all standard - legal documents in the field of the CA in the RK.
  6. Provision of our pilot having the admission on piloting of your AV in case of your need.
  7. Services of financial facilities in processing and the account of all factor cost connected with operation of your AV, namely: petroleum products refueling, preflight physical examination of the crew, ANS (air-navigation service), meteoservice, airfield maintenance, full service at all airports of the RK, a satellite communication, services in the AV refueling out of the RK airports etc.
  8. Other services connected with the organization of the AV flights in the RK.

All abovementioned services should be monthly paid by the AV holder in the unified fixed monthly payment. Besides, the AV holder is monthly made out all direct service expenses of his AV.