About the company  

     The Airline SKY SERVICE was founded in 2004. We render services in the field of helicopter and aircraft passenger transportation, aircraft monitoring of surroundings, assistance in of aircraft- rescue parties. 
     The basis of our fleet consists of helicopters produced by Eurocopter and Bell Helicopter TEXTRON. Besides there is a planes by the 
famous American company Cessna Aircraft. In total 16 helicopters and 2 planes are exploited. 

The Certificate for a performance of work 
№ KAZ-02/006 issued by The Committee of civil aircraft of the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan certify the right of SKY SERVICE company to perform aviation works and to carry out the charter transportations of passengers and cargoes in the territory of Kazakhstan and CIS countries. 

For today the excellent aircrew, technical staff, managers and administrators work for the company «SKY SERVICE». The customer services group makes every efforts to provide the client with the fastest and the most comfortable flights.

SKY SERVICE, Airline provides the most convenient and secure operation of aircrafts. The maintenance of the helicopters and planes performs SKY TECH, LLP - sole in Kazakhstan and Central Asia maintenance center approved by factory-manufacturers and Civil Aviation Authorities of Kazakhstan.